Our products

The main categories of products that we commercialize.


We deal with the sale of lubricants and additives for industry and automotive in all sectors of cars, motorcycles and in general for all civil and industrial vehicles. Our mission is to offer lubricating products with high performance that provide added value to your business.

Our company does not only provide high-performance lubricants that best meet your needs, but also offers a commercial consultancy service for your business.

Spare Parts

We specialize in the trade of spare parts and components for cars and motorcycles and trucks for workshops, body shops and fleets with express deliveries for professionals. From automotive accessories to spare parts, we provide virtually a vast range of spare parts.

The breadth of the assortment, in terms of product families and depth of range, allows us to respond to the most varied needs.

Fuel Without Deposit

We sell fuel without deposit, we treat the final phase of the oil supply chain, distributing fuels thanks to contracts signed with the major wholesalers, we have the possibility of being able to serve our customers throughout the Region and beyond.

Discover our range of fuels that we commercialize do not hesitate, contact us as soon as possible for quotations.

Stretch Film

We sell automatic and manual stretch film from: 8 to 30 microns and from 150 to 300% pre-stretch.

An efficient and consolidated organizational system allows us to deliver our products throughout the national and international territory, offering the best quality/price ratio on the market.

Garbage Bags

We are specialized in the distribution of HDPE garbage bags of various types.
Line of “traditional” garbage bags, without handles.
The production range includes the availability of a multitude of combinations of measures and thicknesses suitable for small and large containers and also for large quantities of waste collection.

Line of garbage bags with practical and sturdy sliding handles,
Wide range on the market – variety of sizes, thicknesses and colors for different uses and waste collection needs: for home and office, for separate waste collection and undifferentiated collection.
The garbage bags are available in transparent, black and colored.
They are also available loose and rolled up.

Nitril and Latex Gloves

There are various types of disposable gloves that usually differ depending on the material used. In particular, a macro distinction can be made between:

– latex gloves: mainly used by doctors and dentists, as well as in the aesthetics and cosmetics, have always been synonymous with elasticity (the rubber isolated from latex instantly takes the shape of the hand inserted but despite the pressure or lengthening, summarizes the original shape), sensitivity and impermeability. They have a low cost and in any case guarantee resistance to tears and perforations. They are biodegradable.

– nitrile gloves: they distinguish between elasticity, mechanical and chemical resistance, sensitivity and ergonomics; this is why they are the best choice. Their micro rough surface, tactile sensitivity, perfect adhesion to the hands and the absence of talcum can also be used in the medical field. People allergic to natural latex proteins can also find a valid alternative in this type of disposable gloves, more expensive and resistant (tensile and perforated) than that of latex or vinyl, but able to protect against aggressive chemicals.

Microfibre Towels

The microfibre cloths are used in many sectors, the uses are practically infinite.
Their absorbent characteristics make them particularly suitable for cleaning the interiors and exteriors of both homes and motor vehicles.

The quality is very important: although a cloth may seem suitable, to the touch, it could ruin after only a few washings: it becomes therefore necessary to contact a competent dealer choosing a product of excellent quality at the best price on the market.